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omg, noob and wtf omg, noob and wtf

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Your cartoon is so true at the end it made me laugh but ya 70% of people who vote on newgrounds dont got profiles and the 28% that do dont have flash and the 2% are the only ones who have flash and know whats realy going on.

Mostly people could get away with having a naruto sprite,tweening cartoon and get high scores due to people voting them up everyday.

Hey look bob theres a naruto cartoon it sucks but i love naruto so ill vote it up!

And thats how some horrible animators get famous.

The End. also i wanna IKill to use on those people.

Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch

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the good:
funny song, nice lip sync.

the bad:
not very original. it was in the movie and it was A LOT better there...
also, the animations weren't good. cartman didn't move his mouth enough. it looked like he would mumble some things in his nonexistend beard.

the ugly:
try to be more original. the only thing you did on your own here was the lip sync... the rest was just copied.


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This is perhaps the greatest collab I've ever been a part of. I mean, look at the reaction it's getting! All the jealous people who haven't submitted a flash, and could never hope to get a flash to pass, are coming out of the woodwork to hate on us!

That's My Fulp 5 That's My Fulp 5

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I dont know what this was but I liked it

this was made by a super processing unit from the year 4032, hmm clever going in the future to get hits and use them today

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MaddFlash2 responds:

I don't know what this review was, but I liked it! Thanks for watching it man.

666ChristianScum 666ChristianScum

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Great talent

your artwork is amazing, what program do you use to make this.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:


Bullying Bullying

Rated 4 / 5 stars

the drawings, and over all feel were great.

I doubt the shrimp could beat him but whatever, it was great enjoy your A

[CC] BFC clock day [CC] BFC clock day

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even though legendarypancake got deleted.

I had review this master piece nice *fifen for 5 years*

BreadFruitLock responds:

Happy clock day!

Cosmic Sojourner Cosmic Sojourner

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Smashing Job!

Good movie astral. it had a good storyline, wiht awsome font and nice vocabulary. they havent taught me those words yet in kindergarden but this is super good!!!

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