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Your cartoon is so true at the end it made me laugh but ya 70% of people who vote on newgrounds dont got profiles and the 28% that do dont have flash and the 2% are the only ones who have flash and know whats realy going on.

Mostly people could get away with having a naruto sprite,tweening cartoon and get high scores due to people voting them up everyday.

Hey look bob theres a naruto cartoon it sucks but i love naruto so ill vote it up!

And thats how some horrible animators get famous.

The End. also i wanna IKill to use on those people.


the good:
funny song, nice lip sync.

the bad:
not very original. it was in the movie and it was A LOT better there...
also, the animations weren't good. cartman didn't move his mouth enough. it looked like he would mumble some things in his nonexistend beard.

the ugly:
try to be more original. the only thing you did on your own here was the lip sync... the rest was just copied.


This is perhaps the greatest collab I've ever been a part of. I mean, look at the reaction it's getting! All the jealous people who haven't submitted a flash, and could never hope to get a flash to pass, are coming out of the woodwork to hate on us!

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No talent give up!

you'll never get anywhere, just use your pusy to get cars and shit yuou whroe

im the real jackiechan!!

My 01 account name was jackiechan, it got deleted but I grabbed the name, lol i love man i really do

Turning-Japanese responds:


Thanks for your review!

update (3-3-08): Well, there you have it! The great Jackie Chan.

that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quw3e8u part in the begining is the only thing holding this back, try and turn up the volume too, but the sound was hot and the lyrics were funny as hell. Can I have the lyrics?

Cereal responds:

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